Monday, November 24, 2014

VIDEO REVIEW - thebalm Cindy-Lou Manizer

For some reason, Cindy-Lou's swatches are FUCKING INVISIBLE. I don't know why. :( Soz. 


Monday, November 17, 2014


There are few things I enjoy more than sitting back with a cup o' caffeine and watching chicks talk beauty on YouTube. Here are some of my faves...

I love this chick. She's cute, cruisy and not up her own arse. Plus, her vlogs are like crack. Crack, I tell ya!

Lily Pebbles
Another laidback Brit. Her hair is perfection, she does a bright lip like no other, and she has a cheeky and slightly sarcastic sense of humour.

Officially, this channel is run by three MUAs, but my fave is definitely Sam. Holy smokes. She's an absolute stunner, has incredible skills and swears like a sailor. I very much enjoy.

Nicole Guerriero
Big crush on this chick. She's gorgeous, funny, and her hauls are just as enjoyable as her tutorials. Plus, I like her attitude.

I remember coming across Tyme and thinking, 'Woah. Her makeup is...intense.' Now, I don't do the whole cakeface thing (she calls it cakeface - I'm not being a bitch), but I love her personality and really enjoy watching her videos. She's fun and down to earth.

I'm fairly new to Tati's videos, but I'm already quite the fan. Her content is informative, entertaining and fun. Plus, she's gorgeous. Like model-gorgeous. DAT HAIR.

I've been skipping Estee's videos recently (not too sure why), but I felt like I should still include her in this list because she's pretty awesome. Quirky + fun! And she does a damn good vlog on her other channel, essiebuttonvlogs.

Who do you love watching?


Friday, November 14, 2014

5 reasons why I love Khloe Kardashian

One Her acerbic wit alone makes her my favourite of the three Ks. Who doesn't love a smart ass?
Two She's hot. It irks me that no matter how fit she gets and how much weight she sheds, she'll always be considered 'the fat Kardashian'. She's not even close to fat. Not even chubby. Never was. Our society is fucking warped.
Three She rocks a dark lip like nobody else, and does nude-peachy tones beautifully. Dreamy sigh.
Four Her hair makes me want to weep into my lazy-bitch bun. Not sure about the logistics of that one, but you know what I mean. Her hair is always sublime. I have been trying to do the whole half-up-half-down thing for aaaages and I always end up looking like a crazed crackhead. I need Jen Atkin in my life. And some weave.
Five Bitch has style. She does the whole sexy-but-not-slutty thing really, really well.

Who else loves a bit of Khlo'?


Thursday, November 13, 2014

FOTD feat. a few of my current faves

Revlon Colorstay in Buff
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind in Brightener
Shit. I think it might be Girlee Cosmetics in Mango Glow
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Inked in Pink + shimmery pink Lancome shadow from Blondette Fatale palette
Essence I LOVE PUNK Jumbo Eyeliner Pen
Rimmel Wonder'full
Inglot shadow in I Have No Fucking Idea
Rimmel Apocalips in Phenomenon


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cheeky bitch

Blush is great. Not only does it make you look less like a corpse, but it also comes in fun colours. Yay! Here are a handful of blush faves I'm currently loving the shit out of...

Smashbox blush in Stylist
I'm really enjoying this new addition to my stash. It's a deep, rusty nutmeg (yeah, that's a thing) that gives my face warmth and compliments my colouring in a really lovely way. Well done.

Girlee Cosmetics blush in Mango Glow
Even when I intend to use something else, I often seem to find my way back to this little glow-giver. It's easy, suits everything and always gives me soft 'n' warm peachy cheeks. WHO DOESN'T WANT SOFT AND WARM PEACHY CHEEKS?!

Witchery Graduated Pressed Powder
Another blush/highlighter that always seems to find itself on my face. Like Mango Glow, this powder is foolproof and subtly pretty. Woo for that.

What are your cheek faves?


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