Thursday, March 26, 2015

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Monday, March 2, 2015

To do:

Relax with the purple lippie
I haven't done a slick of purple on my lips in quite some time, and while I adore it, I must admit that it's not always my most flattering shade. Nor is it easy to wear. So, while I'd love to get my mitts on Lime Crime's Pansy, Too Faced's Melted Violet and Chi Chi's Super Duper Dope, I think I'm gonna chill on the purp. 

Crack out more brushes
I'm guilty of using one brush for everything shadow. Sure, I'll use a seperate one to blend, but even if I use a few shadows (oh, you fancy, huh?), I'll just stick to the one brush. I didn't think it mattered, but everytime I did it, instead of adding depth to my lids, I just got muddy bullshit. More brush; less mud.

Easy on the palettes, sugar
I remember specifically stating that I wasn't a palette person. I preferred singles. A quad, at most. Can someone tell me how the hell I managed to aquire 11 palettes? Ok, so, a couple were gifts, and Chi Chi seems to always release shit that I want on my face, but still. Calm yourself. To be honest, I should actually just chill on the shadows altogether, but nah.

Stop trying to make pink happen (it isn't going to happen)
No matter how lovely that pink lippie looks on the back of your hand, it's going to look absolute shit on your face. Step away. That reminds me - another lipstick cull is needed.

Just say no to (more) creme shadows and bases
I'm a sucker for shadow bases. If I spot them when shopping, all bets are off. Maybelline's Color Tattoos and Laura Mercier's Caviar Sticks are my world. I think I own around 16 creme shadows/bases in total. That'll do for now.



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